Guardian Robot Project


Demonstration of simple dialogue with GRP’s facial expression robot Nikola.(Dialogue is in Japanese.)

Butsukusa2 helps you to find things in a room

Video introducing GRP shown at IROS2022

Butsukusa 1 demo video

A two-minute demonstration of the first demo machine for explaining the concept, which was made by combining commercially available products.

About GRP

About GRP

The Guardian Robot Project aims to develop an autonomous robot that can be close to people and make people feel the "heart". Once such a robot is realized, it will be accepted by people and will play an active role in every aspect of our homes and society!

An autonomous function

What has been lacking in the development of robots up to now is an autonomous function that can gather information about its surroundings and act according to its own objectives.We are trying to make a breakthrough in robot development and artificial intelligence research by elucidating and constructing this function.

An autonomous function
Robot form

Robot form

There is more than one physical form of a robot. Depending on the purpose, there can be an exoskeleton wearing type whose main purpose is to support human movement, an autonomous driving type that can move around. There can also be a variety of "forms," such as an interactive type that can accurately carry out conversations with people. If the form is different, the control must be different. Therefore, a certain degree of control is left to each robot, and higher level control is done centrally. The novelty of our research lies in this method.

Six teams are working together

To realize autonomous functions, higher-order functions such as "initiative," "purpose," and "intention," as well as external recognition functions that support these functions are necessary. In the Guardian Robot Project, six teams are working together to elucidate and develop all these functions.

What is a guardian robot?

A robot that accompanies people and supports them in a casual way.

We named it 'Guardian' because it is like a human guardian who adapts to the individual.