Guardian Robot Project

Research Summary

Towards a future society where humans, AI and robots coexist flexibly, we are promoting research and development for the social implementation of next-generation robots ("Brain x AI") that synergistically incorporate the strengths of psychology, brain science, cognitive science and AI research. Conventional robots have mostly been able to perform limited tasks based on detailed commands from humans, but this project aims to create robots that can autonomously recognize their environment and the state of the people they are supposed to support, and provide casual support without compromising human autonomy through appropriate communication.

Main Research Fields
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychology
  • Brain Science
  • Autonomous robots
  • Casual assistance
  • Emotional expression
Research theme
  • A robot that shows own hearts and coexist with us for a long time

Michihiko Minoh

Michihiko Minoh


Apr. 1983
Hired by Kyoto University
Nov. 1989
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
Aug. 1995
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
Apr. 2002
Professor, Center for Academic Computing and Media, Kyoto University
Apr. 2006
Director, Center for Academic Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University (until March 2010)
Oct. 2010
Deputy Director, Kyoto University (until Sep. 2012) CIO, Director, Information Environment Organization (until Sep. 2016)
Apr. 2018
Executive Director, RIKEN
Apr. 2019
Project Leader, RIKEN Robotics Project
Apr. 2021
Director, RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters
Project Leader, Guardian Robot Project
Project Leader, Guardian Robot Project
Research Strategy Advisor, RIKEN


Project Member

Masayuki Ihara
Senior Scientist
Ritsuko Iwai
Research Scientist
Heikki Ruuska
Special technical staff
Yasuki Saito
Kyoko Yamazaki
Administrative Part-time Worker II

Former member

Kou Kotani
Research Part-time Worker II(2022/10-2023/03)
Rikuro Kobuki
Administrative Part-time Worker II(2022/11-2023/03)


Contact Information

robotics-info [at]