Knowledge Acquisition and Dialogue
Research Team

Research Summary

Communication through language is an essential tool for robots to cooperate with users in daily lives. This research team focuses on modeling intention estimation, thinking, and inference on verbal and non-verbal communications. We are working on the following topics: action management of dialogue robots, spoken dialogue related technologies modeling thinking, inference, and topic selection of robots knowledge expressions grounded on robot behaviors and dialogue contents incorporating emotion and language information empathy, emotion, and trust in dialogue.

Main Research Fields
  • Natural language processing
  • Spoken language processing
  • Intelligence information processing
  • Spoken dialogue systems
  • Multimodal information processing
  • Language understanding
  • Language generation
  • Embodied dialogue
  • Robot intention
  • Dialogue policy learning
Research theme
  • Environment understanding from verbal and non-verbal information
  • Inference on knowledge
  • Memory representation of experiments and knowledges
  • Action decision
  • Dialogue response generation
  • Robot action generation

Koichiro Yoshino

Koichiro Yoshino


Bachelor of Arts, Keio University
Master of Informatics, Kyoto University
Ph.D. Informatics, Kyoto University
JSPS Research Fellow (PD), ACCMS, Kyoto University
Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, NAIST
Assistant Professor, Graduate School off Information Science, NAIST
PRESTO Researcher, JST
Team Leader, GRP, RIKEN

He is a Visiting Researcher at AIP, RIKEN from 2017. From 2019 to 2020, he was a visitor researcher of HHU Düsseldorf, Germany.


SIG Research Award, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Outstanding Journal Paper Award, The Association for Natural Language Processing
Best Paper Award, ACL2019 NLP for Conversational AI Workshop
Outstanding Paper Award, The Association for Natural Language Processing
SIG Research Award, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Best Paper Award, IWSDS2020


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Junior Research Associate and Student Trainee
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Former member

Kana Miyamoto
Junior Research Associate(2022/04-2022-05)
Shohei Tanaka
Junior Research Associate(2021/04-2023/03)
Seitaro Shinagawa
Visiting Scientist(2022/5~2024/4/30)
Muteki Arioka
Research Part-time Worker I(2020/08-2022/03)
Daichi Yoshihara
Research Part-time Worker II and Student Trainee(2022/05-2023/03)
Konosuke Yamasaki
Research Part-time Worker II and Student Trainee(2022/06-2024/03)
Kanta Watanabe
Research Part-time Worker II and Student Trainee(2022/06-2024/03)
Liu Qianying
Student Trainee(2021/04-2022/03)
Taiki Nakamura
Student Trainee(2021/08-2023/03)
Yasutaka Odo
Student Trainee(2022/08-2022/09)
Kenta Yamamoto
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Nobuhiro Ueda
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Shota Kanezaki
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Ryuichi Sumida
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Kataoka Shotaro
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Mizoguchi Tsukito
Student Trainee(2023/9-2024/03)
Shang-Chi Tsai
Student Trainee(2023/11-2024/03)
Rino Naka
Research Intern(2021/08-2021/09)
Issei Matsumoto
Research Intern(2022/9)
Wen-Yu Chang
Research Intern(2023/7-9)

Research results

Explanation by the robot itself

We have developed a framework that allows a robot to explain what it has done in natural language. The robot can understand the actions it has taken and explain them in language using the trajectory of the robot's motors and first-person images. This technology improves the explainability of the robot's actions, and even when an action fails, the robot can explain what it tried to do and what happened as a result.

Explanation by the robot itself

Dialogue system that makes witty recommendations.

Dialogue systems need to take appropriate actions not only for clear user requests such as “Please launch the camera app” but also for ambiguous and vague ones such as “I love the view here.” We built such a reflective dialogue system by collecting a corpus that includes pairs of ambiguous requests and corresponding reflective actions. A proposed Positive/Unlabeled (PU) learning method achieved higher classification performance than a conventional PU learning method.

Dialogue system that makes witty recommendations.

Selected Publications

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Contact Information

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