An article by Mizuno et al. has been published in IEEE Access

An article by Masaya Mizuno (Nagoya University; former internship student in Multimodal Data Recognition Research team, GRP), Drs. Tomohiro Fujita, Yasutomo Kawanishi (Multimodal Data Recognition research team, GRP), Daisuke Deguchi, and Hiroshi Murase (Nagoya University) has been published in IEEE Access. They proposed a subjective-baggage estimation method that estimates how heavy a person feels while carrying a piece of baggage.

Details are as follows.

Masaya Mizuno, Tomohiro Fujita, Yasutomo Kawanishi, Daisuke Deguchi, Hiroshi MuraseSubjective Baggage-Weight Estimation based on Human Walking BehaviorIEEE Access, Vol. 12, pp. 39390 - 39398, 2024/03/13.