JFY2022 Guardian Robot Project Internship Program
(2nd Period for students residing in Japan)

Guardian Robot Project (GRP), RIKEN offers an internship program targeting graduate students on JFY 2023.

The internship program is a project fostering researchers dedicated to robotics with the aim to orient interns to R&D in leading-edge robotics research by providing them with an opportunity to work in GRP research teams for a better understanding of technology.

For more details, please refer to the following webpage:

Intern program may be canceled or reformed as online programs due to the latest situation of COVID-19 pandemic.


Internship period
Applicants and hosting research teams may set appropriate periods by mutual agreement for a duration within 2 months after July 2023.
Guardian Robot Project
3rd Floor, ATR, 2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto-fu, Japan
Guardian Robot Project,
RIKEN Informational Research Headquarter, RIKEN
1st Period (for global students) (Closed)
2nd Period (for students residing in Japan)
Graduate students, etc. residing in Japan who meet one of the following criteria:
  • Applicants must belong to universities which recognize internship at RIKEN on their module system.
  • Applicants must belong to universities whose head or the delegated person can issue a formal letter of request on behalf of applicants.
Application documents must be submitted in advance.
For 1st period; by 3 PM Wed. February 15th, 2023 (JST)
For 2nd period; (will open in March 2023) by 3 PM Tue. May 9th, 2023 (JST)